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We play a variety of different game modes on different maps.
The Village
A mock-up of a village near you…attack it…defend it
Hellfire Hill
A wooded hillside with a variety of terrains and obstacles to test your mettle
The Killing Field
An open grassland arena with barricades and bases where your team tactics will come into their own when plotting your strategy
The Arena
Under construction

Game Modes

PAYLOAD – Transport the package from one base to the next…and the next.
TEAM DEATH MATCH – Fight hard as a team…most kills win.
DISPUTED GROUND – Two teams fight to take the centre ground and hold it.
HOLD THE LINE – Two teams face off in line formation…one shot…surviving troops move forward one pace…repeat.
ELIMINATION – Attackers wipe out the defending team as quickly as possible.
INCENDIARY EXPLOSIVE DEVICES – Plant the bomb in the enemy base before they plant one in yours.
ENSIGN – Retrieve the enemy base flag and bring it home…before they take yours.
AMBUSH – Get from one end to the other.
PROTECTION – Get your MVP unharmed from one base to another.
DEFECTORS – Recruit new team members by shooting enemy troops.
DOMINATION – Two teams battle it out to hold the most objectives.
PUSH – Use force to move the enemy forces back to the base behind them. Repeat.
LAST MAN STANDING – Free-for-all…no teams…just battle to the death.
CUSTOM CAMPAIGN – Got an idea for a game? Talk to us…if its stupid enough we might do it.